About Us

Our Vision

We see that there is importance in community and the local lifestyle. We believe in accountability of our local businesses and introduce an organic business community that incorporates a strong professional network. We want to create a space where interaction and education behind the passion of  local businesses can ignite an ever expanding collaboration. This promotes the resources and organic growth in a community. We start with an introductory consultation where we get the background on the business, we learn what their mission is and offer marketing and event production services to attain it. We introduce them to our network of like minded business professionals and present them to our community of individuals that support their passion. We hope to do this through experiences that represent our local lifestyle through the benefits of a balanced mind, body and soul. We hope to bring you to a place of vibrancy in your whole being, of radiating love in togetherness to create a force in the community to support a more sustainable and healthy world.